By: Nc Ndashi

“AUTHOR!”, an ebook on how to write and publish ebooks!

The most time and money efficient approach to become a published author. 14 days is the time it will take a dedicated writer, after reading this book, to complete and publish their own ebook.

Book Characteristics:

  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 50
  • Language: English
  • Printable


Hold on a while…

Have you ever thought of letting people learn from your stories? I guess you have a lot to narrate but never gave it a try.

You know what? Everyone’s an author because everyone has a story. But the difference is that some authors are published while others are not!

In which category are you?

I want to show you how you can get your story penned down and publish within 14 days, not just for the sake of publishing, but as a source of passive income.

That’s why I wrote the book “AUTHOR!“.

Author! is a guide to become a published author within the shortest time ever, and at the cheapest of costs ever!

Author! is a book on how to write and publish e-books within 14 days and make it become an ‘active’ passive income.

How would you feel to wake up everyone morning, check your account to realize something changed as though while you were asleep, someone got busy making sales in your name?

Sounds too good to be real, huh?

That’s what the advent of e-books have brought to the lives of published authors; I mean authors of e-book!

What’s in it for you?

Author! from which you will learn:

  • what ebooks are and why they are taking over the hardcover books.
  • the various ebook formats and how to create your book content.
  • how to publish and attract users to your ebook in order to make it a passive source of income.
  • all and far beyond the basic knowledge in creating, publishing and selling your ebook.

It’s time to take action and release that writing talent caged within!


  • A bonus How-to Audio transcript (mp3) on writing a book that sells!
  • An Early bird discount of up to -40% (limited offer).


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