BloomsCorp Wellbeing and Sustainability Consulting Incorporated (BloomsCorp, Inc.)

Want to know more about BloomsCorp, Inc?

BloomsCorp, Inc is a consultancy firm, aimed at providing expert advice, wellbeing and resilience assessment and resources across life levels; personal, family, corporate and community levels. The core believe at BloomsCorp, Inc is that a human-centered family, workplace and society, where there is a feeling and sense of purpose, belonging and connectedness, individuals can put in their whole and best selves.

Our tips for effective coaching, mentorship and consultancy are from a variety of sources. Some may be applicable to you and some may not, but at least a few should resonate with your unique circumstance as a person, a family, an organisation or a company.

Personal and collective wellbeing is a strategic priority for a harmonious community. All that’s done at BloomsCorp, Inc is guided by values and has at its core, integrity, passion, respect and an unfailing standard.

The services at BloomsCorp, Inc are grouped under three major services portfolios - Urban Wellbeing & Development Consulting, Workplace Wellbeing & Corporate Trainings, and Personal Development & Wellbeing.

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